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First BBQ of the year


What a wonderful weekend was this!? Cloudless skies and endless sunshine – what more can you ask? Well, there’s only one thing that will complement any nice and sunny spring evening and that is a good barbecue. Nothing says it’s summer like a garden filled with delicious smoky smells from the barbie.

We had the privilege to welcome a bunch of cheery lads over at New Ing Lodge on Friday evening and they gave us a chance to brush off the winter dust from our barbecue and get it going again. Marinated BBQ chicken, delicious spicy sausages from Pappy’s Texas Barbecue, buttered baps, a selection of colourful salads and Eden Gold on the hand pull – this is definitely the recipe for a good summer’s night, even if it is only April! Even our main members of staff, Tia and Mac had a great evening entertaining the guests by bringing them sticks to throw and making sure that no sausage was left unguarded.

Why not treat yourself and your friends to a fun BBQ when you hire out the whole lodge? We’ll be up for it, come rain or sunshine. (And we all know that it rarely rains in Cumbria!)

Just have a look how much fun it is:

IMGP4988                 IMGP4991