New Ing Lodge


There’s no shadow of a doubt that the most beloved members of our team are Tia and her son Mac – our two fox-red Labradors. We are very proud to have them on board and appreciate all the hard work they put into the business.

Tia is a madam in her best of years. When she was younger, one of her main tasks around the house was to lie at the bottom of the stairs and make sure that all the Coast to Coast walkers got a good stretch as they tried to negotiate stepping over her en route to their rooms. Nowadays she has retired from that hard work and is rarely seen to encourage acrobatics in our guests.

How can we help you?

Tia is very friendly and approachable, and we have thought to use her to deliver our evening meals and delicious breakfasts, but we’re afraid that the food wouldn’t quite make it from the kitchen to our dining room. Whenever she is around, we feel obliged to warn the campers not to be fooled by her wagging tail and lopsided smile – she will devour their sandwiches in just a blink of an eye.

Mac seems a bit more reserved at first and will probably bark at you when you first meet him. Don’t be discouraged, we’ve asked him to be the overseer and keep a watchful eye on whatever goes on at New Ing Lodge and he’s just doing his job. After the initial bark, he will either disappear into hiding or invite you to play.

The quickest way to Mac’s heart is by throwing him a stick, or anything that even remotely resembles a stick. He’ll then consider you to be his best friend in the whole world. He has the patience of a saint, so he’ll happily sit beside you and wait for hours on end until you have time in you busy schedule to throw him a stick. So, if you are camping on our grounds and find Mac still sitting beside your tent in the morning, amuse him, please! He deserves it.

Although we are still trying to teach them both how to make the beds and fry the eggs our busy hens, Popeye and Olive, produce, it has not entirely been a successful endeavor. So until then, these are the jobs the rest of us here will have to take care of. Tia and Mac are, however, incredibly good at being cute and lovable (and, let’s be honest, the rest of us are slightly lacking in that department), so we forgive them and let them do their own thing.

Needless to say, we also welcome your four-legged friends here at New Ing Lodge, so don’t forget to take them with you when planning your holiday!